BeFree Traditional Bellybeads

Waist beads for the goddess who likes to Adorn herself. Made from glass seed beads, precious stone, metals, and crystals. Find the Strand that's perfect for you, or let me make you a customized piece.

A nod to traditional African Waistbeads, the permanent attachment or tie on designs are strung on cotton thread.  Each strand is at least 48 inches and are meant to be worn daily.  To be removed, these pieces must either be cut or allowed to fall off naturally over time.  

These beads are also great for weight tracking and waist training.  For weight tracking, beads are time at your belly button.  When you gain weight, they roll up, and when you lose, the roll down.  When several are worn at once, the beads will help shape your waist line to create a smaller waist in proportion to your hips and breast.

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