Welcome to Be Free Beads

Hi and welcome to my store, Be Free Beads, I am Erica.  Each of the pieces that you see here were designed and created by me.  You can find all types of handmade bead jewelry here; earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and my favorite... waistbeads!  I make jewelry pieces for men, women, and children.  As I introduce new pieces to my store, you will learn what I call each piece and their significance. 

I treat each design as an original piece of art.  Each piece is inspired by wonderful clients that I have created for in the past, a lovely piece of jewelry or fabric that I thought was beautiful, or a vision planted in me by the divine creator. 

With Be Free Beads, it is my hope to adorn each patron with a beautifully made and well-crafted piece of their liking.  My favorite materials to work with are glass seedbeads, precious stones, and metals.  Although my store offers pre-designed merchandise, I also accept custom orders.  There is a $10 consultation fee that comes with this service.  Custom pieces are made specifically for you. 

I look forward to serving you with some on the most unique and finest pieces that you will ever purchase.  I am honored to have been blessed with the gift to create an adorn.  Now, please enjoy the Be Free Beads Experience. 


Erica AKA Be Free